This weekend we had brunch with our fellow travel blogging friends — Dave who is staying with us, and Shannon, who lives up the road in San Pancho (aka San Francisco, Mexico). We had breakfast at an organic restaurant in the Cielo Rojo cafe (really good, if you’re in town it’s here), and like any good bloggers, we spent way too much time taking pictures of our food.

Dave and Shannon, documenting our Kapomo tea.

Of course, I took a picture of my tea too. It’s called Kapomo and it’s a little like bark. Okay, it’s nutty and not too bad with milk and sugar. It’s caffeine-free which is totally unacceptable.

Drew got the vegan chorizo:

I got the huevos rancheros with sprouts!

It was all really good.

I ordered this for Cole, because OMG yum:

And he thought pouring the honey on it was fun, then lost interest and ran around the restaurant the rest of the time.

Shannon is so good with kids. Cole asked for Shannon on the ride home like 4 times. (We love Shannon).

Obligatory flower shot:

The place is really nice, half of the restaurant is a walled outdoor courtyard, so there’s tons of natural light.

Stella slept the entire time.

Cole explored every nook and cranny.

And afterwards we went to the beach in San Pancho, which I think is the prettiest one in the area. Shannon helped me talk through a few things I was stuck on for my book. We all drank limonadas under the straw umbrellas at the beachside bar. It was a beautiful day.

We love it here so much, but the season is ending, it’s getting hotter, soon the rain will come, and everyone is leaving. But right now, we’re enjoying these last days as limited as they are.