From time to time, I offer a quick discount on my blogging/writing/photography workshops and online course. My thinking is that some people really WANT to do the workshop or course, but can’t afford it. So I offer a steep discount, for a short period of time. Those people who have been thinking about doing it can jump in, but I can still cover costs by charging the regular rate for everyone else.  It’s not a perfect system, but I feel like it works pretty well.

So for the next 48 hours I am offering tickets to my Barcelona workshop, which will be held in this beautiful space off of La Rambla, with lots of natural light, for just $199 for five days of instruction. I’ve been teaching workshops and my online course since 2011. The greatest thing has been to see people blossom into the writers and photographers they always wanted to be. Our paths as creatives often take us to unexpected places, but I view my workshop as a chance to skip a few steps. Yes, absolutely, you will get there without my help, but I love getting to help people to get there faster.

With the workshop you get full access to the online course, but if you can’t attend in Barcelona, I’m offering the online version for just $99. That includes all the materials plus our private FB group where I am available to answer questions, give feedback and to provide support. It’s one of my favorite things about teaching this course, being a part of a community of writers and photographers who are all in love with the work we’re doing.

Neither of these things are focused just on travel… I have bloggers participating from all different areas… from food to parenting to game law (!) to photography to humor.

Anyway, this is just for the next 48 hours, but of course you are allowed to join at any time. The workshop tends to fill up quick… I haven’t written about it yet and it’s half full.

I would love to work with you! Interested? Sign up for the workshop here or the course here. And if you just want to have a coffee with me, I’m available anytime! Email me here.

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