I haven’t posted much from our life in Barcelona, but here it is in summary. You walk out the door and you can have any kind of day you want. I just can’t get enough of it here… I don’t know if it’s the way the city looks, the architecture, the cobblestone streets, the narrow alleyways… or the people, the Spanish-Catalan attitude… maybe it’s just us, but we make friends on every bus ride, whether that’s a grandmother who calls out to Stella, “Rubia, Rubita, Guapa…” and then tells us her life story, or the super relaxed (but still attentive) parenting on display at the parks.

I rewrote my personal page at christinegilbert.com and I tried to sum it up:

“I’m a writer living in Barcelona with my husband and two small children. Barcelona is my New York. It’s my Paris. Everyday I think: “I get to live here.””

I’m still working on it. I have plenty of time to unwrap what has enchanted me about Barcelona over so many other cities we’ve lived in… here are some photos from our weekend:

Fries from the Xurreria
Our friend Diego mixes cava and orange juice in the park…
Churros! Or as they say in Català: Xurros!
The whole gang (sans me, behind the camera). Stella REALLY wants to be on a bike too.
Our little artist drawing at home.

And like so many parents, we’re spending the next few nights putting together Christmas presents… Stella is getting a strider bike (I love these, have you seen them? No pedals, so very young children can walk/ride) and Cole is getting a scooter (he’s been asking for one for a while). Can’t wait for the big reveal. I think the people enjoying Christmas the MOST are not even the kids, it’s the parents of small children. Watching them… it’s magic.