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In the past 20 years, we’ve experienced a technological tsunami. First it was email and the World Wide Web. Then it was cell phones, which quickly became PDAs. Soon wireless internet became available not just in our homes, but in restaurants, cafés, libraries, bookstores– even in McDonalds. This technology crept into our home lives as we checked work email from bed and into our vacations as we were able to be plugged in from anywhere.

Soon, companies like Best Buy and General Electric began testing programs that let employees work outside of the office. Women on maternity leave negotiated longer absences, provided they were able to work remotely. Highly skilled programmers and engineers negotiated work-from-home agreements as part of their compensation packages.

Is there any reason for the traditional office anymore?

This ebook is a guide to taking your career — whatever it may be — and bringing it online. We look at the common paths to online work, pitfalls and strategies and the tools you’ll need to make it work long term.

It’s perfect for anyone who’s thought of working from home but wasn’t sure where to start. This ebook covers the real world, practical steps you’d need to take to make it happen (unlike those other products who are trying to sell you on MLM or other “entrepreneur” programs). In fact you might not even leave your current job (if you can convince you boss — which we talk about).

Topics include:

  • What are the different options for working remotely
  • How to turn your current job into a remote one
  • How to manage your wireless lifestyle
  • Options for starting a business, becoming a freelancer or finding a new job that is 100% remote


65 pages | Electronic download | PDF

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