VW camper van
This is what my husband wants to do NEXT summer.

It’s the summer (well almost), which for me, usually means I’m working on some personal self-improvement project. There’s just something about the space bookmarked between the spring and the fall that seems like the perfect time to focus. Last year, I was cramming Spanish, and encouraging everyone to learn a second language too. This year I’m biking across Europe with my kids (and husband, of course) in about 100 days.

I know most of you aren’t heading off to pedal yourself across a continent, so I thought I would make a summer discount for my online blogging course, for those people who wanted to do one of the workshops but couldn’t make it. I mentioned it on Facebook, but I didn’t write about it here, which didn’t see fair since Facebook is so crazy about hiding updates.

It’s 60% off but just for the moment (I’ll flip the prices back at midnight EST on June 12th). There’s three ways to do it, either monthly pay-as-you-go, forever access, or a payment plan for the forever access. I know, I am crazy to have three levels for the same thing, but I basically try to accommodate how different people want to pay, and you’d be surprised, my enrollment is split pretty evenly between the three.

So if you’re working on a blog or thinking about launching one, then it’s a great course for people focused more on the writing and photography side, and less on the technical sides of blogging. The big benefit for most people is that there’s an active (and private) Facebook group, and I’m available to answer questions there or via email or Skype. I’ve been through a lot of the things people have questions about, from getting started, writing ebooks, doing video and film, getting a literary agent, selling advertising privately, getting a book deal, doing a kickstarter and so on — I’ve also been at this for 6 years and supporting my family fully for the past 3 (my husband was laid off in late 2010 — it was a good thing).

Anyway, yay summer! I am also toying with an idea of doing the 100 Happy Days. Have you seen it? It’s straight forward: share a photo a day on social media and tag it with #100happydays (and describe why it made you happy). I like the premise, which seems to imply that by actively noticing the happy things in our life, we’ll become happier. Could it be that simple?