36 Weeks


Location: Bucerias, MX

Last week I was bemoaning my doctor-ordered dietary restrictions but I stuck with them, even when Drew felt sorry for me and brought me home asado, I said, “No thanks.” Which is a good thing, because the next day, Drew came down with food poisoning and after 24 hours of puking, he went to the doctor. I stayed home with Cole and he called me on his way home, “Honey, I can’t come near you, I’m waiting for the results of my test. I could have Typhoid fever.”

An hour later, we found out he was very lucky — he just had E. Coli! YAY! (Oh wait…)

So he’s on this broad spectrum antibiotic, and we think he might have a kidney infection too, since it hurts for him to inhale too deeply.

All of this is to say: OMG I AM SO GLAD I DIDN’T EAT THOSE TACOS.

I mean seriously, woah.

I am never complaining about anything ever again.

In other news, we took a tour of the hospital today, and while my doctor speaks English, I’m realizing that I’m probably going to spend most of my delivery communicating in Spanish. I need to bone up on key phrases, stat. Any suggestions for resources for birth-related vocabulary in Spanish? (File under things I never thought I’d be crowd sourcing).





  1. Oh my GOD!!! That was a scary close call (poor Drew though).

    And can I just say I LOVE that photo of you? Love, love, love. That’s just gorgeous.

  2. Emma Healey

    Hmm, maybe the Spanish equivalent of “ok, stop pushing, now pant” which was when baby is crowning and if you continue to push you are in episiotomy hell! Sorry if that is a bit gross but speaking from personal experience you really don’t want an episiotomy.

  3. Hello Christine!

    I’ve been following just recently and I was amazed to see that you chose Mexico for your next newborn.

    Since then I’ve been attached to your news because i’m a 24-years-old proud mexican (living in Querétaro) and I admire your lifestyle.

    I’ve been following Chris Guillebeau and others alike. I just decided that I want to start the blog revolution in mexico, even though we are so behind.. I’ll do whatever it takes to make a change around here (I’m really just starting, I’m drafting atm).

    I wish we could meet sometime soon to have a interesting chit-chat.

    Anyways, if you ever need any translation help I can do that for you.

    Like the one requested, just say: “No quiero que me hagan episiotomía, entendido”? and they will have to respond “Ok” or “Esta bien” or “Entendido”.


  4. Vivian Murray

    Close call is right. Glad to hear D is on the mend and you and C have been spared. My burning question is: was it street vendor food? For 10 days last November I wondered, should I or should I not buy from the street vendors in Bucerias, and I didn’t. Just curious…

    • It was sort of street food, although they have a restaurant, they do seat everyone outside in plastic chairs. It’s a really popular place but it’s the only thing Drew ate that Cole and I didn’t so we’re assuming it’s from there.