Location: Bucerias, MX

Last week I was bemoaning my doctor-ordered dietary restrictions but I stuck with them, even when Drew felt sorry for me and brought me home asado, I said, “No thanks.” Which is a good thing, because the next day, Drew came down with food poisoning and after 24 hours of puking, he went to the doctor. I stayed home with Cole and he called me on his way home, “Honey, I can’t come near you, I’m waiting for the results of my test. I could have Typhoid fever.”

An hour later, we found out he was very lucky — he just had E. Coli! YAY! (Oh wait…)

So he’s on this broad spectrum antibiotic, and we think he might have a kidney infection too, since it hurts for him to inhale too deeply.

All of this is to say: OMG I AM SO GLAD I DIDN’T EAT THOSE TACOS.

I mean seriously, woah.

I am never complaining about anything ever again.

In other news, we took a tour of the hospital today, and while my doctor speaks English, I’m realizing that I’m probably going to spend most of my delivery communicating in Spanish. I need to bone up on key phrases, stat. Any suggestions for resources for birth-related vocabulary in Spanish? (File under things I never thought I’d be crowd sourcing).