35 Weeks



Location: Bucerias, Mexico

At my last doctor’s appointment she noticed I had gained four pounds… in the past three weeks. So as I was leaving she said, “Oh and no more carbs.”

And then I died.

So I’m eating salads with steamed chicken breast and smoothies with low fat milk for the rest of the pregnancy because after you remove salt, fat, and carbs, you’re pretty much out of options. Sometimes I look longingly at the asado stands as we drive by, the bundles of green onions caramelizing in the charcoal BBQ pit, the meat casting large plumes of fragrant smoke upward, customers using their fingers to push tortillas filled with spicy salsas and charred meat into their mouths. I hate those people.

After my doctor laid that on me and we started to head out, she hugged me and air kissed me on each cheek. Just like she did when I arrived. Oh, really, your OB GYN doesn’t hug and kiss you when you arrive and leave? Well, maybe you’re not in Mexico. I’m just saying.

By the way I know this photo is approaching a glam shot of the ol’ belly bump, it just needs a hazy blur and a watermark on it that says, “Little Angels Photography Studio” across the bottom. I promise we’ll stop short of staging a shot of Drew kissing my belly or doing the “heart hands” which I TOTALLY DID LAST TIME, don’t judge, but seriously if I photoshop the ultrasound 3D pic of the baby onto my belly, you have permission to just TAKE THIS SITE DOWN.



  1. I gotta say…it kind of pains me looking at THE BELLY because it brings to mind the end of pregnancy and beginnings of true sleep deprivation. I’m still too close to it all.

    I need to just shut up now before I talk too much and freak you out

  2. Trishia Jacobs

    I would like to make a special request for the the ultrasound image photoshopped over your belly:) !!!

  3. Yes, he totally surprised me. He tongue kissed me and blew gently in my ear! I found out later he was a disorderly orderly. #BluntButTrue

  4. Susan in Texas

    Love this story. And love the photo. Life in Mexico can be magical.

  5. Susan Cummings

    Love this story. And love the photo. Life in Mexico can be magical.

  6. Beautiful belly!! 🙂

    And I’m sure just. one. more. carne asada with a bit of tortilla wouldn’t hurt? Mmmm, you make it sound so delicious. *sigh* I miss proper Mexican food!!!

  7. Mexico is one of my favorite places on earth. Please promise me you will NOT pass up the charred meat and caramelized green onions! Just wrap ’em up in a lettuce leaf or something. 🙂 Do they have cochinita pibil in Bucerias, or is that a Caribbean-side thing? Love that stuff…

    Thanks for the great posts!

  8. Sara Arman

    It’s all good, you’re in the home stretch!

  9. Don’t your fret about the belly bump glam shots – no carbs will mess with your head! You’re almost there …

  10. Oh, I’m laughing so hard about the “heart hands” comment. My husband and I got married when I was about 7 months pregnant, and we got a DOUBLE WHAMMY of the heart hands thing from our photographer — we were instructed to make a heart over my belly (as a pregnancy shot) and then we had to make a heart with our hands in the air while we kissed behind it (for the wedding). It was silly, but kind of fun at the same time. Good luck in your final few weeks!

  11. Special request for BIRTH photos please! Lol…I like the gory stuff! And I would never have managed to resist that food while I was pregnant….memories are surfacing of every flavour of paddle pop ice cream being devoured at my desk in my lunch break……! Hang in there – not long to go now!!