32 Weeks

Location: Bucerias, Mexico

This is me in our backyard under one our flowering trees (in this case, I’m told it’s a bougainvillea although I’ve never been the kind of person who knows the names of trees or flowers).  We had our first appointment with our Mexico doctora and she was great.  Except for the part where she told me not to eat salt.  Like at all.  For the next eight weeks or until the baby is born or I die from eating bland unsalted things.  Which ever comes first.  Did you know that salsa from the store has a TON of salt in it?  And cheese.  And they prep almost all the meat they use here for asados with not just salt and pepper but also a healthy dash of garlic and onion salt?  Sure!  Why not?  I mean essentially she said: don’t eat any Mexican food, “muhahahahaha”.  Yes she even made air quotes as she did the evil laugh.  She was also drinking an iced latte in front of a pregnant woman.  Need I say more?

Eight weeks!  Good thing I won’t get any bigger than I am right now, if memory serves, I’m finally at the max size for this pregnancy because I tried to get up off the couch from a lying position and our neighbor, who helps us with cleaning, just laughed and laughed.  (Oh wait, I’m just starting the crazy, ‘your baby is going to double in weight in two months stretch’?  Crap.)



  1. Christine, I’m so jealous:) Not the baby part. The warm temps and bougainvillea part!:) I love the Northwest (we live in Vancouver, Wa.) but I sure have grown to hate winters. Looking at temps in the 20s this weekend. Between the cold and crazy gun control issues polarizing the US, we SO wish we could leave the country……

  2. No salt?! That’s just wrong. So in Mexico that means you can only eat ice cream? Best of luck through the rest of the pregnancy!

  3. Melanie Wynne Waldman

    Why, yes — but you’re not alone! Looking very cute, both of you. 🙂

  4. Thanks Melanie! I think I’m in baby denial until the baby actually comes. The doctor asked me how many times I had been pregnant and I said “once”… and she was like, “plus… this… one… right?” Um, oh right, I’m pregnant! There’s a BABY IN THERE!

  5. Yes, it is a bouganvilla plant! The “flowers” are actually just leaves. They are so gorgeous, but make a big mess when they fall off! (Hopefully someone else will be taking care of the gardening…)

    Sorry to hear about your no-salt diet — how frustrating! Maybe you can rinse or dilute some foods to lower the salt content? Add loads of fresh tomatoes to a spoonful of salsa?

    Good luck with your last 8 weeks of pregnancy. I am also 32 weeks along and counting down the days until my little Tico baby is born here in Costa Rica! 🙂

  6. Hang in there, Christine! That’s a bummer about cutting out salt, but as you know it’s all worth it in the end!

    • YES definitely, I’ve actually been feeling great so all the things that could happen, this is this is the easiest one. 🙂

  7. You look great. What yummies have you been eating in the place of salt?

    • The produce here is ridiculously good. I mean maybe the best I’ve had anywhere. So lots of fruit smoothies actually and homemade salsa and salads. I feel so healthy! After the baby is born though I’m totally eating BACON. For like a month.

  8. Lovely photo. So jealous of all the Mexican food. I may be in Thailand but there is such a thing as too much Thai food. I’m craving salads and bread and basically anything non thai.

  9. Looking great Christine! And yes, I agree the produce is amazing – you won’t go hungry! If in doubt, guacamole!!!

  10. Melanie Wynne Waldman

    Christine: Listen, anyone can forget a pregnancy. It happens. The important thing is, can you find your keys? 😉

  11. Wow, no salt and living in Mexico? Good luck living on a diet of lettuce. Haha. Any particular reason you shouldn’t be eating salt? Because I don’t think I would cope with all that Mexican food around.