Let’s face it, if money was no issue, you’d already be traveling. In fact, if you have a passport, a clean change of clothes and a dream destination, you already have everything you need to travel. The problem is, of course, what happens after your Visa gets shut off, you have no more cash and your boss fires you for not showing up to work. Obviously, you need a better plan than hopping the next flight to Toyko.

This September and October, I’ll help you build that plan.

I’ll be posting the practical, real world steps you need to take to get from wherever you are, to exactly where you want to be. I’ll be talking about dealing with debt and financial obligations, finding remote work, deciding whether to store or sell, saving for travel and everything else it takes to make long term world travel a reality.

But I need your help. I’m looking for the toughest dilemmas: give me your real world scenarios and I’ll attempt to address as many of them as possible. Post your story in the comments below or contact me directly at christine.gilbert@gmail.com.

Also be sure to bookmark this page, as I’ll be updating here with links to each post as they are posted.

What would it take for you to redesign your life and travel the world?


Day 01 The Mental Shift to Begin the Redesign

Day 02 The Travel Diet

Day 03 Turning Your Job Digital

Day 04 Convincing Your Loved One to Travel Too

Day 05 Bringing Your Pets Around the World

Day 06 Safe, Affordable and Clean – Finding Places to Stay When You Travel

Day 07 Planning a Travel Budget that Works

Day 08 Selling Your House in the Downturn

Day 09 The Trouble With Saving

Day 10 Staying Forever – Living in Another Country

Day 11 Whatever You Do, Don’t Become a Travel Writer

Day 12 Taking the Classroom on the Road

Day 13 Getting Health Insurance When You Travel

Day 14 Holy Crap, What Have I Done?  (Pre-trip jitters)

Day 15 The Not-So-Secret Trick to Finding Cheap Airfare

Day 16 Becoming a Digital Nomad, Freelance Edition

Day 17 Extreme Debt – Pay or Stay

Day 18 The Part-time Digital Nomad

Day 19 Paying Bills Online and Other Sundry Tasks

Day 20 67 Travel Friendly Jobs to Consider

Day 21 Common Sense Safety While Traveling

Day 22 Telling Your Friends and Family

Day 23 Becoming a Digital Nomad: Small Business Edition

Day 24 The Art of Unplanning

Day 25 Advanced Digital Nomading – The Time Shift

Day 26 Watching TV/Movies Overseas

Day 27 Traveling Homeschoolers Speak – How They Do It

Day 28 How to Make More Money

Day 29 Getting a Job When You Return

Day 30 Take a Breath, This is Happening

Author’s Note: This concludes the 30 Days series.  If you would like all of this content in a free, easy to read ebook, I have made that available here.  I hope this series was helpful!  And don’t forget to send me those postcards. ;)